Will Susan let Karl down?

In a bid to spend more time together, Karl tells Susan he’s planning a trip to Peru, just as they did as uni students. Susan is so impressed with the effort Karl’s making that she agrees to an abseiling lesson that afternoon. However, Paul throws a spanner in the works by telling Susan she has two days to follow up the patient advocacy story, but will be back to go abseiling.

Having seen local builder, Jim Dolan at the hospital last week, Susan decides to interview him about the programme and is shocked when he tells her he has skin cancer. As the interview progresses, Jim becomes short of breath and suddenly collapses. She calls Karl from the hospital and promises she’ll be home in time, but Karl seems doubtful. When Jim gets the bad news that the cancer has spread, Susan stays at his bedside, instead of going home to Karl.

Summer pressures Paul into running her story on the school garden, but he dismisses her, telling her it’s not what he asked her to do. However, he has a change of heart and Summer’s thrilled.

Impressed with how Toadie handled Lucas’s case, Peter Noonan, Lucas’s dad’s lawyer, offers Toadie a job, with a very attractive package. He’s flattered but tells Peter he’ll think about it. With Sonya’s help, Toadie decides to keep things as they are, but he looks unsure.

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