Will Susan overstep the mark?

Struggling with his treatment, Jim asks Susan if she’d see if Karl would give him a second opinion. But after getting his wrist slapped by Jim’s doctor for giving Jim some advice, Karl is reluctant to get involved. However, unable to resist temptation of looking through Jim’s file, Karl takes a look and Susan’s shocked when he tells her Jim doesn’t have long to live because Jim’s been told he has much longer. Susan says Jim has to know, but Karl tells her she must not tell him. However, when Jim talks about getting better, he notices Susan’s reaction and asks her what she knows, and she tells him what Karl said.

Concerned about Lucas, Chris calls Sonya, who’s worried when they can’t find him. When Sonya eventually tracks him down, he admits that he was tempted, but didn’t want to prove his dad right by giving in.

Jade is horrified when Kyle tells her that Honga is moving in. She tells him no way, but knows she doesn’t have a choice because the rent is due and they haven’t found anyone else to take the room.

Kyle gives her 24 hours to find someone else, and Jade’s in luck when her client, Michelle, tells her she needs to find somewhere to live.