Amira visits Masood with Yasmin. Syed and Christian drop round, but Amira will only let Syed see Yasmin without Christian. Amira hints that unless Syed goes along with her demands, she’s moving away. Syed refuses to be blackmailed, but is clearly devastated to see his daughter. Later, as Amira is about to leave the Square in a cab, Syed sneaks out of the flat and Amira lets him hold Yasmin.

Kat’s horrified when Mark the delivery man turns up at the Vic and asks her if she wants to make their liaison a regular thing. Kat insists she’s married and it’s not going to happen. Kat keeps Mark away from Alfie and ousts Mark from the Vic by getting a group of rugby boys to take him on a pub-crawl.

Fat Boy has the afternoon off and goes to the Vic with Whitney. Fat Boy heads to the bar to buy them drinks and when he returns Whitney is kissing Tyler. Fat Boy walks out. Tyler runs after him and apologises. He offers to ditch Whitney, but Fat Boy sadly says he’ll cope with seeing them together.

Also, Ian turns up in the Square with a sports car to impress Mandy; Jean’s heartbroken when Norman makes it clear he wants to stay just friends.