Masood wants Zainab to confront Syed, unaware that she already knows about his affair with Christian. Syed walks in on their discussion and announces his intention to tell the truth. His parents beg him to think of Amira and the baby. Amira tries to tell Syed that she’s not pregnant, but Zainab interrupts them. Zainab thanks Syed for not telling Masood that she has known his secret for months.

Syed heads out to see Christian and is having second thoughts about going public. Christian insists that it’s all or nothing, as he can’t live a lie any more. Christian is furious when Syed says that their love isn’t enough, as he needs the respect of his family. Syed returns to the flat-warming party and tells his parents ‘it’s done’.

At the party Amira almost lets slip to Denise about Chelsea’s pregnancy when she stops Denise giving Chelsea a vodka. Denise sees Chelsea holding Kamil and wonders to Libby if Chelsea is pregnant. Meanwhile, Syed tells Amira that her pregnancy has completed them, but he’s stunned when she reveals it was a false alarm. Amira leads Syed to the bedroom and is shocked when she sees the wallpaper has been ripped away to reveal Lucy’s graffiti ‘Syed loves Christian’…

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