Will Syed go through with the wedding?

Christian wants to know why Syed is having the jitters about the wedding. Syed confesses his financial problems, but fails to mention his kiss with Danny. When Syed tells Masood the wedding is off, Masood assumes it’s because of the kiss and lets it slip in front of a stunned Christian. Despite Syed’s fears, Christian insists he forgives him. Christian says he’ll be waiting at the Argee Bhajee to start the civil partnership ceremony, but Syed should only come if he really loves him.

Christian and the family anxiously wait for Syed as time ticks on. Just as Christian starts to announce the wedding is off an anxious Syed rushes in. Christian takes Syed’s hand and they walk down the aisle together. After saying their vows the registrar announces the civil partnership. As the two grooms and their family and friends celebrate, four bailiffs burst in, demanding 12,000 pounds for the mortgage arrears!

Denise tries to sneak Fatboy out of the bed and breakfast following their night of passion. An anxious Fatboy wants to know if Denise slept with him because she was drunk, but she insists she wasn’t. Denise tells a disappointed Fatboy that it was a one-off, later blanking him at the wedding.