Will Syed win back Christian?

Syed is desperate to make things up with Christian, but Amira wants to cling onto their marriage. Syed gets Christian and Amira in the same room hoping to woo back Christian, but Christian is left unimpressed. Syed asks Qadim to the Square to convince Amira to agree to a divorce. When Christian finds out Amira’s agreed to a divorce he confronts Syed and the pair reconcile.

Carol’s in a bad mood with David after seeing him flirting with Roxy. David puts Carol out of her misery and tells her that Roxy could never live up to her. Derek tries to wind up David and tells him that he was goading Pat on her deathbed. Carol intervenes as the two men square up and warns Derek to back off. Derek later finds David and darkly warns him that as soon as ‘that tart’ Pat is buried, he’s coming after him…

Patrick is wracked with guilt when he realises that Kim won’t be able to claim insurance for the bed and breakfast fire because he was illegally storing fireworks. Patrick confesses to the police, but it makes no difference to Kim’s claim. Patrick tells Denise and Kim he’s signing the Minute Mart over to them to make amends.