Annoyed by Sylvia’s cost-cutting tactics at the cafe Norris decides to get his own back, and gives her a taste of her own medicine when she visits the Kabin.

Troubled by Ginny’s offer of drugs, and encouraged by Ruth, Fiz asks for a transfer to the mother and baby unit. But when she discovers it’s now full a depressed Fiz goes back to her cell, where she finds Ginny unconscious having overdosed. Upset, Fiz confides in Ruth, who at first seems worried like her, but as they talk Fiz realises there’s more to it. It soon becomes clear that Ruth is using her baby to smuggle drugs in, leaving Fiz disgusted. Later, Fiz is given a suspended sentence for fraud while she awaits trail for murder.

Aware Frank’s invested a lot in their relationship Carla buries her doubts and insists they set a wedding date, bombarding him with plans. Frank’s surprised but pleased that she seems so keen. But it’s Carla’s turn to be surprised when he tells her that one venue has a date in three weeks’ time.

Also, Tommy plans to cook a meal for Tina to prove he’s a decent guy.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz is furious and accuses Ruth of supplying the drugs that nearly killed Ginnny. Ruth pleads for a chance to explain herself and begs Fiz not to say anything. This strikes a chord with Fiz, but when she is called in for questioning by the governor she is scared that if she lies she will never see Hope again.

As Sylvia starts charging for use of the cafe toilet the locals are affronted. Keen to challenge the new ruling Norris snatches the key and heads into the loo without paying. But Sylvia thinks Norris has gone a step too far and isn’t prepared to let him get away with that.

Also, Tommy’s gone to a lot of effort with his meal for Tina but as Dr Carter continues to chat her up in the pub, asking if he can take her into town, he is worried it will all have been for nothing…