Will tackles his first case as Trainee DC

On his first day as Trainee DC, Will Fletcher gets on the case when Sarah Bale says her house had been burgled and her husband, Travis, is missing. After the construction site Travis runs is set on fire and Travis is found beaten by an open safe in his cabin, officers learn that Travis was being threatened by anti-capitalist protester Desmond ‘Redeye’ Reed.

Will quizzes Travis who says that masked men broke into his home and dragged him to the site office, where he was forced to empty the safe. When Will and DS Stuart Turner realise Travis is being blackmailed by Jimmy Lynch, the head of a security firm, and that Travis has been defrauding clients in order to pay Lynch, a sting is arranged and Travis agrees to help.

When Travis admits he can’t go through with the operation, an undercover Will steps in and meets Lynch, telling him he’s a friend of Travis’s, there to hand the money over. But Will is shaken when a suspicious Lynch pushes a badly beaten Redeye in front of him to remind him just what he’s capable of.

But as Will rushes to Redeye’s aid, Lynch hits him on the back of the head and Will slumps to the floor…