Bianca arrives at the police station to find that Montgomery is there, with a black eye, accusing Heath of assault. With Heath’s record, things don’t look good. Montgomery tells everyone at the Diner about Heath’s attack on her, but Marilyn and Leah are dubious. Suddenly, Tamara realises that she saw Heath surfing at the time of the supposed attack, giving him an alibi.

The police drop the charges against Heath. When Montgomery claims in front of students that Heath attacked her, Bianca walks in and states the department have given her authority to suspend Montgomery. Montgomery vows to fight her on this but walks away in front of the students.

Matt tries to crack on to Evelyn much to Oscar’s dismay. Matt invites Evelyn to a beach party which Oscar tells her that she shouldn’t go. When Oscar and Evelyn’s feud turns onto a fight, Hannah and Zac are concerned. The way Matt talks about Evelyn makes Oscar angry and when Matt offers $10 to the class for someone to kiss Oscar, he starts a fight with Matt.

Tamara is still trying to integrate the students and Kyle suggests a festival. When Heath finds out that Kyle is helping Tamara with the concert he thinks Kyle is trying to get back together with Tamara.