Tamwar is left reeling after learning of Nancy’s plans to leave the Square. Talking to her about her decision, Tamwar turns down Nancy when she asks him to go with her. Worried about losing her daughter, Linda asks Tamwar to fight for Nancy, hoping he’ll persuade her to stay. Instead, Tamwar makes a decision about his future, telling Nancy he wants to go travelling after all. Meanwhile, Johnny makes a heartfelt plea to his University lecturer to allow him to sit his law degree exams.

Jay offers to take Louise to her first day at school so that Phil can make his hospital appointment. When Jay gets back from dropping off Louise, he finds Phil struggling with his withdrawal symptoms. Encouraging Phil to go to the hospital, Jay then finds out that Louise has been in a fight. Heading to the school to collect Louise, Jay makes a discovery…

Martin reveals his new moneymaking scheme – opening his own stall to make a bigger profit. When Stacey finds out that Martin has got his new stock from Fat Elvis, however, she’s not impressed.

Also, Sharon reaches out to Jay and Ben.