Masood escapes from the market office with the stolen money. In the Square, a drunk Masood is mugged, losing all the cash. In the scuffle, Masood hits his head and is found by Dexter and Nancy, who take him home. After patching up his dad, Tamwar is shocked when Aleks the market inspector arrives accusing Tamwar of burgling the office. When Masood makes a hasty exit, Tamwar realises he’s guilty. Confronting Masood, Tamwar is horrified when Masood lashes out.

Carol is speechless following David’s public proposal. As David – and the whole of the Vic – wait for an answer, Carol rushes out. Following Carol, David pleads with her to say something, not realising he’s still holding the microphone! When Carol rejects David, the details of her cancer are broadcast to the Vic. Liam finds out about her cancer, promising not to tell Tiff and Morgan. When he realises they’ve overheard, Liam makes them promise to say nothing.

Dexter thinks he’s getting somewhere with Nancy when she responds to his flirting. About to make a move in the barrel store, Dexter is frustrated when they’re interrupted after hearing a mugged Masood call out in pain. Afterwards, Nancy won’t pick up where they left off, but doesn’t rule it out completely, leaving Dexter hopeful.