Will Tamwar’s engagement go ahead?

Tamwar heads the meeting about the engagement party. Masood finally turns up with a bouquet for Zainab. Masood and Yusef are instantly at loggerheads. Zainab asks Masood to put the past behind them to look to Tamwar and Afia’s future. Masood reluctantly agrees but later he confronts Yusef, who refuses to be intimidated.

Phil anxiously looks at Shirley for her response to Glenda’s revelation. Shirley calmly says it’s a good joke. Glenda leaves the pub. Roxy follows and tells her mum that she and Ronnie will have nothing more to do with her. Meanwhile, Shirley demands answers. Phil insists Glenda was lying but Shirley is left with a grain of doubt. Roxy throws out Glenda, who heads to Ronnie’s and threatens to tell Jack she’s been skipping her counselling sessions unless she lets her move in.

Ian is worried that Glenda will tell Jane about their sex sessions and offers her tickets to Paris as a bribe. Phil finds Ian and tells him they need to convince Glenda to leave the Square. Ben sees Phil and Ian talking and is suspicious. Heather reveals that Glenda claims Phil was cheating on Shirley with her. Ben is devastated when Ian confirms it. Ben smashes Phil’s Jag with a baseball bat.

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