Tanya leaves Sean in charge of the girls and secretly meets Max for Abi’s parents evening. Abi’s teacher is under the impression that they are back together and Max attempts to convince Tanya to take him back. Tanya returns home and tells a furious Sean that Max is moving back in. But she reveals that she is playing Max and has revenge in mind… Ian prepares for Edward’s birthday bash at R&R and it’s all hands on deck to get the catering ready. Clare forces Ian to let her waitress at the event and when she discovers that Edward thinks Ian is gay, she spitefully tells Edward the truth. Ian thinks he’s lost his chance to meet the queen, but Edward offers to let him accompany him and asks Jane to go too. Stacey is angry that Jean has told Steven that she wanted to be a fashion designer when she was younger. Stacey is worried when Jean insists that Steven is obviously in love with her. Stacey finds pages of sketches of herself in Steven’s sketchbook and she wonders if he’s obsessed. Also, Dawn convinces Jay to go to court; Jack encourages Bradley to sort himself out; Mo organises a date for Charlie over the internet. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action