Will Tanya persuade Lauren to come home?

Tanya is distraught when an angry Lauren demands to know how she got her number and then hangs up. Tanya leaves another message begging Lauren to meet her. Lauren texts Tanya to meet her in the park and she tells Tanya she won’t come home. Tanya is dejected as she returns to the Square and shares a moment with Max over their worry for Lauren.

Janine taps Billy for info on Ronnie as part of her plan to get rid of her from R&R. Ronnie tries to ruin Janine’s first day as bar manager by sabotaging her stag party booking, but Janine is one step ahead. Ronnie has a newfound respect for Janine and offers her a permanent job. Janine tells Ronnie she should buy Jack out of the club and offers to help her persuade him!

Dotty is a chip off the old block when she tells Nick that once she earns Dot’s trust they can fleece Dot of her money. Later, Nick turns up at Dot’s to ‘say goodbye’ to Dotty, but slips her a mobile phone so she can call when the time is right. Nick tells Dotty they’ll make 50,000 – all they have to do is kill Dot…

Also, Billy throws Marissa out of the house and Jay is furious.

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