Vanessa welcomes the engagement party guests into their house. Tanya and Greg arrive and Tanya looks stunning. Max makes a speech and presents Vanessa with a diamond ring. Max sees that Tanya is jealous. Max corners Tanya and pushes her to admit how she really feels. Tanya follows Max upstairs and they tear each others’ clothes off!

Ronnie and Jack meet with Ronnie’s lawyer Catherine. She says that Ronnie might get away with a suspended sentence if they can prove she has a serious psychiatric disorder. Ronnie doesn’t want to lie about her mental state. Jack takes Ronnie to Max’s engagement party. Ronnie realises the kids are scared of her and she runs out. Jack finds a shaken Ronnie at home and tries to comfort her.

Afia spots Tamwar chatting to Masood. Afia tells Tamwar she doesn’t want him talking to Masood and she won’t have him at the wedding. Meanwhile, Denise interferes as Zainab and Yusef discuss wedding plans. Yusef makes up an excuse to get rid of Denise. Zainab realises what he’s up to, but is warming towards her ex.

Also, Christian worries he’s not enough for Syed, but he insists that Christian is all he wants.