Ollie’s sick of splitting his life between two homes and suggests he move in with Tara. Worried that his constant presence will get in the way of her research and studying, she refuses.


To show her how much he supports her work, he lets her become ‘doctor in charge’ for the day – but his efforts result in both of them facing Elliot’s wrath. Has Ollie ruined any chance he had of moving in with Tara – or will she have second thoughts?


Meanwhile, when a child with unexplained injuries arrives on AAU, Michael and Chrissie can’t help but suspect the parents of abuse. Will Michael pull the family apart by calling social services, or give the parents the benefit of the doubt?


And Arthur’s people skills are tested when he deals with a tricky patient. Arthur learns a few tricks while working with Chantelle – but when it comes to acknowledging her help, he insults her instead!