Will Tash embrace her talents?

Assuming that nerdy customer Ed is trying to ask her out, Tash gives him the brush off, only to discover he’s a maths student trying to solve an equation. Tash offers her help but Ed assumes she’s just a ditzy waitress, only to be shocked when she solves the equation for him. He invites her to join a uni maths club and she’s tempted until Andrew teases her but, later, Karl convinces her to embrace her talents. Will Tash let her social fears get in the way of what she loves?

As part of her PR plan for Paul, Zoe suggests a family photo shoot, which is a great success. Sophie is very taken with Zoe and the idea of Paul’s romance with her but Andrew worries that Paul is simply having fun and when the relationship ends Sophie will be hurt. He makes his dad see this and Paul decides to slow things down with Zoe for a while.

And the hunt for a new bass player is bringing Karl and Ajay down and they decide to return to the reason for forming a band in the first place – to play music… only this time as a duo.