Will Tash ever learn?

Tash feels uncomfortable during lunch with Ivan and his friend Cain, knowing that Cain has seen the pictures she sent of herself to Ivan. And it seems Tash has good reason to worry when Andrew receives an email from Macca, with the pictures of Tash attached. And it’s not just Andrew who’s received it, it’s made it’s way round the school. Summer and Andrew find Tash in Charlie’s and tell her the bad news.

Furious, Tash confronts Ivan, smashing up his phone in a rage. Not wanting her dad to check his emails, Tash tries to stall him from going back to school, however, when her dad tells her how proud he is of her lately, she gets upset, knowing how disappointed he’d be if he knew. Later, when Lucas receives the email, he tells Michael straight away.

Chris is confused following Lucas’s weird mood swing, not knowing the real reason why he lost it with him. At the garage, Lucas apolgises to Chris, asking him to come back if he’s still keen. Lucas is shocked when Chris admits his dad doesn’t know he’s working at the garage, and would disapprove, as he wants him to be a white-collar professional. Lucas encourages Chris to make up with his dad, and admits that his dad died a few hours ago, finally explaining why he flew off the handle.

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