Confused about seeing her aunt Emelia in Ramsay Street, Tash wonders what she’s doing there and how she knows where she lives. When she remembers paying for her hair using her debit card, Tash can’t believe she’s been so stupid and worries that Emelia will contact Michael. During her practise exam, Tash is distracted and finds herself looking at Emelia’s business card, but just as Michael is about to approach her, the fire alarm goes off.

Outside, as Michael rallies the students round, Tash spots Emelia. In her car, Emelia realises how similar Tash is to her mum and Tash agrees to have a coffee with her aunt so she can find out more. As Emelia reminisces, Tash listens on, but things get complicated when Tash asks how her mum got sick and when she got septicemia. Realising Michael hasn’t told Tash the truth, Emelia leaves, telling Tash to speak to him about it.

Meanwhile, Michael struggles to concentrate, suffering hallucinations of his dead wife. Lucas points out how awful he looks, encouraging him to sort himself out.

Toadie wants to spend more time with Callum and makes use of a rare afternoon off. However, Toadie’s disappointed when Callum’s idea of fun is sitting in the dark playing computer games.