While enjoying her fling with Andrew, Tash feels guilty when she realises how much he still means to Summer. She talks it through with Andrew and eventually decides to tell her about their relationship but, seeing how happy her friend is, Tash can’t bring herself to break the news. Later, when Summer’s saying her final farewells, Tash is unable to hold it in any longer and starts to tell her, only to be interrupted by Summer – she already knows and is happy for them. Summer challenges her to turn it into a serious relationship but is Tash really that committed to Andrew?

Priya returns home but Rani’s animosity creates a negative atmosphere, though Ajay seemingly supports her. She tries her best to please her family but Ajay reminds her he’s only doing this for Rani; he wants nothing to do with her. Priya realises just how hard this is going to be and reviews Paul’s offer of a room at Lassiters.

Meanwhile, Kyle wants to be rid of his gran and tries various ploys to drive her away. Then he discovers she’s sticking around because she wants to feel needed and he decides to let her stay.