Will tells Natasha about his problems

Will is bullied at school when the Wyldes’ edition of Horse and House magazine goes on sale. Belle encourages Will to join the local school and Will approaches Natasha, but she refuses to let him attend Hotten Primary with Belle. Will is further disappointed when Natasha tells him she won’t let him attend an Emmerdale Explorers sleepover either.

Victoria lays her cards on the table with Daz and tells him that she’ll keep seeing Aaron as long as Daz refuses to admit that he has feelings for her. Aaron meets up with Victoria but they are spotted by Daz and there’s another altercation. Diane is worried that Andy is dealing with things the wrong way. Victoria sneaks out to see Aaron again and they agree to keep seeing each other – but in secret.

Rodney thinks Betty has missed a trick with the Wyldes. Betty apologises to Natasha and is pleased when Natasha offers to sell her nice chutney under the Home Farm label. Rodney goes to Natasha with a business idea, suggesting that he hold a cookery competition for the locals with the winner receiving a contract with Home Farm. Natasha agrees with Rodney’s proviso that if the competition is successful, she’ll give him a job.

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