Will Teresa confess her poisonous plot?

Jerry comes out of surgery and Mel is touched when she sees her mum sitting by an unconscious Jerry’s bedside. The family learn that Jerry seems to be stable and he eventually starts to stir. Teresa panics that her secret will come out and she rushes back to the street, intending to pack her bags and do a runner. When Mel calls to say that Jerry is fully awake and asking after her, Teresa is in a dilemma, but returns to the hospital.

Dev is confused when Nina blows hot and cold after arranging a date with him and then cancelling it. Dev moans to Lloyd about Nina thinking she can pick him up and drop him whenever she wants. Dev is frustrated by Nina’s games when she turns up in the Rovers and tells him that Prem is coming over.

Sean is miserable after falling out with Marcus and his friends rally round to reassure him that they will sort things out. But Sean wonders if they are on the verge of a split when Marcus calls to say he’s having a few days away with Noel.

Also, Gail worries that her cover may soon be blown when Tina tells her she’s sure her dad has got a girlfriend!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Teresa steels herself to confess to Jerry the truth about his overdose, but when the doctor comes round to do checks her resolve crumbles. Teresa is stunned when Jerry tells her that he is in love with her and wants them to make a go of things. Struggling with her conscience, she blurts out the truth about his poisoning and is devastated when a furious Jerry accuses her of trying to kill him.

Dev feels awkward when Prem arrives at the Rovers. He’s forced to bluff his delight when Prem asks him if he’d like to be chair of his Asian Business Group. Dev spends an uncomfortable evening in Prem and Nina’s company and it’s clear that Nina is enjoying seeing him squirm. Nina meets up with Dev at the flat later in the evening and Dev tells her that they need to call a halt to things. A furious Nina darkly warns him that no one dumps her!

Gail tells Joe that Tina is on to him and she suggests that they cool things for a while. Joe refuses to sacrifice their happiness to pander to their two nearly grown-up kids.

Also, Sean realises how gorgeous Tom is when Tom offers him a shoulder to cry on.