Will Terese cross the line to help Paul?

Terese is still reeling from the news that Imogen wagged school and has been stripped of her school captaincy as a result – and all due to a friend of Paige’s. Sheila remarks that Terese has Paul’s ear and Terese is surprised to learn just how much, when Paul tells her to sign a form in his name – which she refuses to do. When she can’t find Paul, a stressed out Terese takes a short cut and signs it in Paul’s name.

Brad’s boss Ricky is unimpressed when he turns up at the gym and Brad is running late. He’s even less impressed when Paige and Joshua are caught mucking about at the counter. However, the final straw comes when Ricky learns about the yoga classes Brad has been running without telling him. In breach of his contract, Ricky sacks him.

When Brad turns up to see Ethan, Paige is furious – he’s risking her discovery and she demands he leave town. He cheekily says goodbye to Imogen who remains resistant to his charms, despite his declaration he’ll miss her.

Meanwhile, Paige offloads to Ethan about her hurt over finding Lauren’s bear chucked out and Ethan rethinks leaving. But as much as Paige would love him to stay, she insists he has to go.