Will Terese drop the charges against Paige?

Tensions mount between Lauren and Matt when he refuses to let Paige off with a warning. But worse is to come when Matt reveals that Terese has been deliberately trying to find something to pin on Paige for some time, and in seeking his help to do so, he was complicit in the pact. Lauren asks Terese to drop the charges against Paige, but she refuses. Given Paige’s history of lying, the law must run its course.

Georgia is annoyed when Kyle mentions she has a sore throat to Karl, but when Karl does an examination he finds something. He wants to do a biopsy and fear suddenly hits Georgia.

Karl gets fed up with the unwanted attention being an erotic fiction writer brings. Toadie has the answer: commit literary fraud. Pretend he was covering for the real E.M. Williams and as Lou arrives back from Cambodia… it seems they’ve found their guy!