Will Terese finally tell the truth?

Gary puts pressure on Terese to reveal what's up with her

Terese is left stunned when Gary asks her if she is pregnant. Terese denies the assertion and tells him that she is just feeling under the weather. Unfortunately, Gary doesn’t believe a word Terese says and is concerned when Terese stumbles as she makes her way up the stairs. As soon as Gary sees Terese stumble he begins to worry that she has started drinking again and shares his concerns with Sonya. Sonya refuses to get involved, but when she sees Terese’s hands trembling, Sonya’s fears grow.

Gary tells Piper about his fears for Terese and she suggests they confront her and act fast to stop her falling off the wagon. Will a confrontation from her daughter force Terese to finally tell the truth about her health?

Leo feels the pressure as he prepares for the re-opening of Backpackers; meanwhile Steph is losing her patience with Leo and his attitude. To make things run smoothly for the re-opening Steph agrees to help get Backpackers get ready for promo photo shoot, but will Leo and Steph be able to get along to give Backpackers the publicity it needs? Will the opening night run smoothly?

Piper is left humiliated after the hackers leak personal messages from her inboxes. Even worse, messages she wrote about Xanthe’s obsession with Finn come to light. Has Piper damaged her relationship with Finn?