Terese decides to host lunch for Brad and Paige, determined to start making things up to them. But when Paige injures herself at work, Brad cancels lunch to spend time with her and Lauren – unaware that Terese has gone all out to impress. When Terese drops the food off to the Turners later as a gesture of goodwill, she finds Lauren’s journal and reads it.

When Amber is terrorised by holigans at the car site, she flees home with Daniel for refuge. But after a night with all the creature comforts, Amber breaks the news to Daniel that she wants to move home for good. Although she reassures him, Daniel is left with a nagging doubt that their honeymoon phase could finally be over.

The results of Space Camp are finally revealed – and although Bailey misses out, his girlfriend Alice is accepted. It’s Bailey’s worst nightmare and he struggles to control his jealousy.