Will Terese succumb to temptation?

Walter waits for Sonya outside the AA meeting venue, but avoids interacting with Toadie. Meanwhile, after seeing Paul suffering in hospital, Terese goes to the pub and is joined by Walter, who refrains from drinking alcohol. They wind up back at her place and end up kissing…

Nate discovers he’s hit Paul with his car and immediately calls an ambulance. Terese arrives at the hospital and feels terrible when she sees Paul telling Amy she’s better off without him in her life. Over drinks, Nate and Aaron reconcile, but it seems their relationship may be beyond saving.

Xanthe asks Angus to book a room so they can go through with their original plan. He declines, telling her they’re better as friends. Later, Angus confesses to setting off the school fire alarm and when Ben discovers how lenient Susan’s been with him, he accuses his grandparents of favouritism. His rant results in Angus learning his mum, Sarah, had a fling with Karl. Meanwhile, Xanthe receives a text from a clinic reminding her about her imminent cosmetic surgery appointment.