Will Terese tell the truth?

Or will Paul spill the beans about their passionate night together?

Terese is determined to tell Gary the truth and admit that she has been unfaithful, but when she sees how much effort Gary has put into her surprise party, she has a change of heart. After the party, Gary pours out his heart and Terese responds by telling him that her tumour has shrunk. Meanwhile, Paul is convinced that Terese is telling Gary that things between them are over and that he and Terese will move on together with their new lives. Will Terese tell Paul she’s had a change of heart in time?

Meanwhile, Kirsha suggests that Ben comes round for a music lesson and Yashvi isn’t keen, especially as she has been avoiding him like the plague. When Freya heads to Harold’s and asks personal questions about Ben, will  Yashvi use Freya’s curiosity as an opportunity to twist the knife? And will there be consequences?

Also, the attraction between Nick and Amy is reaching fever pitch, as they can’t get enough of each other. The pair are in even better spirits as Nick tells Amy that Terese’s tumour has shrunk due to his course of treatment. However, the mood dampens quickly when Nick receives some tragic news….