Nikki wants to tell the kids that she and Terry are getting back together. Terry is in a dilemma over what to do following his night with Bianca, urging an unsuspecting Nikki to hold off. Although Bianca tells Terry that last night was a mistake, he realises he doesn’t want to be reunited with Nikki. She leaves the Square when Terry reveals he’s had a change of heart.

Carol puts off Tina when she badgers her to visit Aunt Babe so they can get started on their new ‘business’ venture. Seeking Dot’s advice, Carol leave Dot’s without any answers after she and Dot get their wires crossed. At the Fat Blasters class, Carol is irritated when talk turns to her breast cancer. Carol tells Sonia and Bianca she’s going to have a double mastectomy after all, also deciding to go ahead with selling cannabis.

Aleks is hurt when Roxy sends him a one-way ticket back to Latvia. Confronting Roxy, he tells her he wants to stay in London. Roxy has a change of heart, about getting rid of him, telling Aleks to divorce his wife and stay. Aleks says he wants to stay with her but he can’t divorce his wife, so the ball is in Roxy’s court.