Will Tess brave it out, or quit?

Still recovering from last week’s horrific train crash, injured Tess is also struggling with everyone now knowing about her secret affair with fellow-nurse Fletch.

Tess was on her way to a job interview in Birmingham, determined to leave Holby behind her, when her train was derailed and crashed.

Now Tess is so ashamed to face her colleagues she pretends to be asleep when junior nurse Robyn pays her a visit! Later, new clinical lead Connie calls in on Tess and asks her straight out whether she’s still thinking of leaving, or will stay and help her run the ED?

Tess agrees to a phone interview with the Birmingham job team, but afterwards decides Holby is where her heart is and agrees to help Connie bring about a new type of emergency department.

Elsewhere, paramedic Jeff has his head turned by event organiser Samantha (former EastEnders and Coronation Street star Michelle Collins), who has hired him as her onsite medic at a cross-country obstacle course.

They spend the day flirting but after Samantha falls off a rope swing and lands herself in the ED, Jeff turns down her invite for date, as she’s now a patient!

When fellow paramedic Big Mac points out Samantha will no longer be a patient once she’s been discharged, Jeff bites the bullet and turns up at her house with flowers and champagne. And she doesn’t send him packing!