Will Texas accept Dodger’s proposal?

Dodger is desperate to win Texas back and Liberty helps him pick out a ring for his big proposal. But when Doug offers Texas Ste’s ticket to America at the airport, will she accept?

Brendan is shocked when Ste turns up at his hotel and there’s red faces all round when Ste sees John Paul, naked in Brendan’s bed… Ste storms off, leaving Brendan instantly regretting what he’s just done. In the hotel lobby, Brendan catches up with Ste, but can he break his deal with God?

Meanwhile, after a tough day of losing friends, Leanne’s elated when Dennis returns.

Elsewhere in the village, Maxine wants to start up a hen party business and auditions for some male pole dancers. Mitzeee lets her hair down when one of the strippers, Tyson, asks her to dance and one thing leads to another in the club office…