Will Texas regret waking up with Doug?

Texas regrets waking up with a smitten Doug and digs deeper into self-destruction. She asks him for more drugs and when he refuses, talks about his horrible past

Brendan feigns ignorance when Warren reveals he found the drug stash, when he tells him that he flushed it down the toilet, Brendan is seething. Later, Rae finds an unlikely friend in Cheryl. Rae tells her that she has an appointment at the clinic for an abortion and Cheryl tell her to go with her heart. Later, Cheryl tells Brendan who’s furious and when he tells Ste the pair race to stop Rae.

Heidi and Riley visit the McQueens as Myra and Carmel plan the wedding of the year. She’s shocked to hear of their over the top plans but Riley is quick top tell her she has to accept her new In-Laws.

Also; Warren steps up his game and sets about seducing Brendan’s “girlfriend” Mitzeee. When Brendan blows her out to go find Ste Warren picks up the pieces and they share an intimate moment. They’re about to kiss when Cheryl interrupts; Lindsey and Gilly grow closer.

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