Steve admits to a horrified Becky that he told the Alahans he was responsible for taking then giving back their money, but Becky can’t let Steve take the blame. As they re-open the shop, they debate going to the police. But when Becky admits it was she who stole their money and Steve is merely protecting her they’re gobsmacked. As she tries to explain that she needed the money to buy Max from Kylie they’re unsure of how to react.

Eileen‘s anxious when she can’t find Owen’s paperwork at No.11. She and Julie come to the conclusion that Owen must have broken into the house and removed the papers. Eileen worries the game is up and when she tackles Owen, she discovers her punishment.

It’s Maria’s first day at the factory as Carla warns the staff business is bad. But when Frank comes in to discuss a possible contract and takes a shine to Maria, Carla hopes she can use her new asset. But pinning all her hopes on Frank might not be a great idea.

Also; David reveals that his girlfriend Candy will be arriving on Friday.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Out on the street the residents watch on as Becky and Sunita row before Steve arrives and takes her home. Hayley, who’s witnessed it all, begs Sunita to see things from Becky’s point of view before involving the police. Dev and Sunita do feel sorry for Becky, but they feel betrayed. It’s time they made a huge decision.

Eileen bemoans Owen getting the upper hand by stealing back his documents. Lloyd’s shocked when Owen tells him how Eileen stole from him, but offers Eileen his support if she needs him. But an ashamed Eileen goes into hiding instead.

Maria and Carla launch a charm offensive on Frank. But Carla’s disappointed when he fails to sign on the dotted line, instead suggesting a meeting at his tomorrow night with Maria to go through the details of the contract. Carla urges Maria to go alone and seal the deal telling the girls it’s their only chance.

Also; Gail’s sick of hearing about David’s holiday conquest. But when he tells her he is in fact engaged to Candy she’s stunned. As Gail urges him not to throw his life away she can’t believe her ears when he reveals Candy’s coming to live with them.

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