Linda’s determination to stay positive about Ollie falters when Ollie doesn’t react in his usual way to a nursery rhyme. Confiding in Sharon, Linda breaks down as she admits that Ollie isn’t the same as he was before the accident. Meanwhile, the health visitor has arrived to talk about Ollie. With Linda missing, Lee tells Nancy she needs to come to the Vic to lend her support as Mick is struggling alone.

When Nancy walks into The Vic, Mick is less than pleased. Taking control, Elaine gathers Mick, Lee, Nancy and Whitney to talk to the health visitor. After remembering about the visit, Linda eventually arrives, but the health visitor has already gone. With no clear answers about Ollie’s future, Linda is determined to do whatever she can for her son and she calls the hospital.

Louise is in hospital following her close call with the digger and recovering well. Although Ben shares his plans to help Phil with Ronnie, she insists that Phil will never change. Overhearing their conversation, Phil storms off. Nearly killing Louise has rattled Phil, and he pours away his booze. Convincing Sharon he’ll get help, he returns to the Mitchells’ with her support.

Also, Denise learns that JJ’s mother is alive.