The girls are in a panic and wonder if the Deb will go ahead when they realise they have missing dresses, broken shoes and absent dates. They start to wonder if their night of nights is about to become a nightmare.

Kate remains furious with Harry over his suspension and is fearful of the consequences with the DHS. But after an angry encounter with Amanda, she now must find a last minute replacement partner. Harry takes matters into his own hands and asks Declan, but he refuses.

Kate is mortified that Declan thinks she put Harry up to it, and makes an agonised apology. As a reflex response she asks Lou. The Kennedy’s embark on a campaign to find her a new partner.

Declan, meanwhile, is battling his feelings about not going to the Deb. He seeks advice from his two favourite girls. Can he overcome his sadness and loyalty to his departed Bridget and help Kate out?

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