Will the Doc and Louisa tie the knot?

The prospective nuptials of the Doc and Louisa are looking dicey as the bride is late and even the vicar is having doubts about whether she will turn up. Fortunately, she makes a stunning entrance and soon the couple are finally man and wife.

At the wedding reception Martin is annoyed by the many villagers who have turned up, while disaster strikes as they spend their wedding night at a remote lodge, which has been organised by the locals, when Bert drives off with their cases, a blocked chimney starts a fire and the pair bicker when they get lost in the countryside looking for help.

As they head to a dilapidated caravan, the situation becomes more bizarre as they end up assisting a gun-toting old man, Bellamy, to round up his chickens. Unfortunately, Martin knocks over the caravan porch, which collapses onto Bellamy, and the grouchy doctor has to carry out emergency surgery to save the man’s life, which brings him closer to Louisa again.

Back in the village, Ruth struggles to cope with baby James and a power cut. Luckily Al’s friend Mike Pruddy, who was an electrician in the army turns up to fix the problem and even manages to help out with James.