Will the double date go to plan?

Zara complains all morning about how it’s not her scene to go out with another couple and makes it clear to Daniel that she doesn’t want to be referred to as his ‘girlfriend’, something that Daniel is not too happy to hear.

During the double date, Cherry suggests a game of pool, but Zara’s competitive streak comes out. Eventually, Zara starts to relax and the girls find themselves bonding over the things that annoy them about their other halves.

It’s only a partial thaw but Zara has a good evening. Daniel is proud to show her off and after the strains of the week and the huge adjustment they’ve both started, it’s possible for them both to think that it might just work.

Imogen’s terrified about her date with Ryan, it’s clear they’re both nervous but with false bravado she tells him that he’s not going to blackmail her into sleeping with him if that’s what he’s thinking. He’s mortified, he’d never do anything like that and he’s never done anything like this before either. It was just spur of the moment because he liked the look of her.

Ryan questions why Imogen shoplifts, especially when he finds out her dad is a policeman, but she says she just likes the trill of the danger of it. She finds herself telling Ryan things she never thought she could share; about how it started during her parents’ breakup and how she thought she’d stop when they got back together, but that it didn’t happen.

Ryan tells her it’s an addiction like any other. Imogen is scared, but Ryan puts her at ease. She had written Ryan off as a dull security guard but his sympathy and practicality appeals to her. Is a second date on the cards?

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