Will the jury find Steph guilty?

It’s time for Libby to give evidence in court and as she gets ready, she plays over Karl and Susan’s fears in her mind. In court, when Libby confirms Steph was OK to drive, Steph whispers to Toadie that it’s not true. They proceed and when Sam questions Libby, she tells the court that Steph slept with Libby’s husband, fell pregnant and pretended the baby was Toadie’s, her lawyer.

Sam continues to push Libby until she cracks and admits that she did try to stop Steph getting on her bike. Outside, Steph assures Libby it’s OK but Toadie is furious that Libby lied in the witness stand, telling her if they lose, it will be Libby’s fault. Back in court, the jury has reached a verdict. Steph is guilty.

Natasha tells the rest of the Social committee that the money for the Social has been stolen. Michael tells them if the money isn’t returned, the Social will be cancelled. Andrew is upset when he hears as this was his chance to launch Robinson Entertainment.

When Michael tells them no one has confessed to taking the money he cancels the social. With the Social out of the way, Tash sets her sights on Andrew and helps him launch his entertainment company.

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