Will the Kelly’s wedding go ahead?

*One-hour special*

Kelly is in a fluster on her wedding morning and when she discovers that Jimmy has forgotten the amended version of their vows, she sends Scarlett to take them over to him. Scarlett takes Kelly’s bag and when Kelly’s mobile rings she answers the call. She’s stunned to hear an unwitting Debbie who is ranting about the photo of Kelly kissing Eli. Scarlett tells Daz that she thinks Jimmy has a right to know.

Scarlett confesses the news to Carl who makes the decision for her and he tells Jimmy that Kelly has cheated on him. Jimmy is devastated and confronts his bride to be. Surprisingly, Carrie is the one who calms things down and she convinces Jimmy that Kelly’s kiss was a mistake and he should forgive her. Jimmy agrees to go ahead with the wedding but Kelly is having doubts as Bob walks her down the aisle.

Laurel feels sorry for Emily when she points out that today would have been her and Paddy’s wedding anniversary and she reassures Emily that the right man for her is just around the corner. Laurel decides to do some more matchmaking and she encourages Emily to help the Bishop tidy the hymn books.

Also, Jasmine accuses Debbie of trying to ruin Kelly and Jimmy’s wedding.