Will the Kings quit the village?

The villagers think the King family are cursed as the repossession of properties continues. Meanwhile, the Kings watch from Mill Cottage, which has been saved from repossession as the other properties cover their debt. With their lives in utter ruin the family members wonder whether there is anything left to sustain an existence in the village and they wonder whether they should stay.

Bob tries to bring some festive spirit to the village and suggests a Christmas Day meal for the Hopes, Terry, TJ and Brenda. But Terry is torn when he receives a postcard from Jean asking for TJ to visit her in Morocco over Christmas. Terry is touched when Brenda encourages him to take TJ to visit Jean.

Daz is shocked when he finds Andy working at the farm and although Jo explains the situation, it’s clear that there’s no love lost between the brothers. In spite of the ill feeling Andy vows to make Daz trust him again. The repair job goes well and Jo rewards Andy by offering unsupervised access to Sarah. Daz, however, is suspicious about Andy’s intentions and suspects that he is deliberately sabotaging the farm so he can be around Jo.

Also, Donna is curious when Paddy gets a message from Ross.

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