Will the Lomaxes move to New Zealand?

The Lomaxes prepare to move to New Zealand. Leela doesn’t want to go and Sam warns everyone not to tell Cameron. Ste is hurt when he finds out they’re going without him, while Peri is hiding the fact that she doesn’t want to go either.

Peri gets drunk with Tom and when Cameron offers to take her home, she accidentally rouses his suspicions. Peri tells Sam she doesn’t want to leave, but Sam persuades her to put on a brave face for Leela’s sake, who is staying behind. The rest of the Lomaxes say goodbye to Leela, Ste and Tom.

Lindsey attempts to rekindle her relationship with Freddie when she punctures her own tyre and calls him for help. But he’s stunned when she turns up and then kisses him.

Tony’s world comes crashing down around him as Sinead reveals a life-changing dilemma.