Dressed up to the nines, Bethany instructs Lloyd to drop her at the Dog & Gun and joins Callum and Gemma for a drink. Desperate to impress, she offers to help Callum with his next delivery and he chucks her a small package of drugs. But when the police raid the Dog & Gun, Bethany manages to avoid being arrested. Sarah is horrified when Lloyd tells her he dropped Bethany at the Dog & Gun and sets off in search of her.

As Sally and Tim discuss their wedding, Kevin calls round and tells Tim there’s a car showroom in town looking for a new window cleaner and he’s put in a good word for him. Sally’s thrilled and Tim tries to appear enthusiastic.

Gary calls into the factory with a picnic hamper, hoping to surprise Alya, but his romantic gesture backfires.

Anna tells Faye she’s having Miley for the afternoon and suggests they all go to the park together. Roy plucks up the courage and phones Cathy.