Will the police arrest Brax?

Police cars and ambulances arrive at the scene of the car crash. Andy tells Brax it’s too late to kill Jake now. The police, who reveal that Jake has escaped from a psychiatric centre, grill Brax and Andy. When Jake is wheeled into theatre, Brax sees his opportunity and attempts to end his life. However, the police spot him and place him under arrest.

When Roo suggests the Surf Club for John and Marilyn’s wedding, John is appalled. When Marilyn takes a call from Roo, she puts John on loudspeaker who lays into Roo’s plan. John apologises to Roo and Marilyn says she’s happy with the Surf Club, but John tells her he wants their wedding to be more traditional.

When Denny spots Hannah staring at married couple Nate and Sophie, Hannah is forced to admit she has a crush on Nate. Hannah and Nate are both called to the hospital, leaving Sophie and Denny alone. Sophie asks Denny why Hannah is still single, especially as she’s so attractive. Later, Sophie goes to the hospital and spots Nate and Hannah looking cosy…