Will the police let Sean go?

Sean is still being questioned over the attack on Patrick and police are desperate to find the shirt he was wearing at the time. Patrick stirs and police arrive to question him but he gives nothing away. Without enough evidence to prove Sean is guilty, the police will soon have to let him go.

Ian’s starting to give Craig more responsibility, unaware of the simmering attraction between him and Lucy. To Ian it looks like they hate each other, but it’s all a ruse to keep him from finding out what is going on.

Meanwhile, Tanya collapses in sudden agony and is terrified she could be losing the baby. She asks Stacey to accompany her to hospital and she reluctantly agrees. Max arrives to see Tanya and Stacey tells him that their affair is definitely over.

Mrs Masood is irritated Carly has left a dirty bit of material in her car after fixing it. Carly is horrified to see it’s Sean’s missing shirt and there is blood on it. With just two minutes until Sean has to be released police reveal they have a third witness – they are charging him with attempted murder..

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