DS Rachel Dawson and Pcs Wetherby, Younger and Mason raid a fish warehouse for drugs, but fail to find what they’re looking for. Meanwhile, Gina befriends mum-to-be Sally at an antenatal class. But she’s unimpressed when she drives Sally home and meets her boyfriend, Jonny, and his brother, Robbie, who is actually Dawson’s informant in the drugs case. Later, Mason catches up with Robbie and urges him to reveal what he knows about the next drugs shipment.

With new information, Dawson and Ashfordly police head to a deserted cove. As a boat comes in, officers witness Jonny, who flees the scene. Mason catches him but Jonny knocks him out and makes his getaway. When Jonny accuses Sally of grassing him up, a frightened Sally says she knows where she can get some money and a car to escape.

Jonny and Sally wait for Gina round the back of the Aidensfield Arms. Sally asks Gina for the money, but when a reluctant Gina refuses, Jonny forces her into her car at gunpoint. When Dawn reveals that a pregnant girl came looking for Gina, Carol becomes concerned – and the race is on to find Gina before she comes to any harm…

Also, when Bernie struggles to fix the hearse for Joyce Jowett’s uncle’s funeral, Peggy gives Joyce the idea of having a horse-drawn cortege instead. Has Peggy finally come up with a plan that can make her some money?