Will the truth be buried with Mark?

It’s Mark’s funeral and Ryan is there to say goodbye to the father he hardly knew – and who he definitely didn’t murder. Nasty Nathan is furious and Natasha is none too happy, either. She just wants Mark buried, desperately hoping she can bury her guilt with him. But Ryan’s not letting anyone off that easily. At the cemetery he begs Maisie to believe he’s been set up and says Nathan’s the real murderer. Away from all the people who are telling her what to think, Maisie starts to put two and two together. That’s good news for Ryan, but not so good for Nathan.

Cocky Carl thinks he’s got Eve’s number. Using a different name he arranges a ‘business’ meeting with her, thinking Eve will fall into his arms when she finds him waiting for her. But it’s Scarlett who attends the meeting and Carl has to do some fast-talking. Eve finds out about his game and says she still doesn’t want to play. But is that for now or for ever?

It seems like it’s definitely over for Faye and Jai. He’s just not equipped to handle all the baggage Faye brings with her – the jailbird son, dead bigamist husband…

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