It’s the morning of Ronnie and Kat’s respective weddings. Roxy begs Alfie to help, as she has no wedding food, flowers or transport. Roxy explains she owes Ronnie her happiness as Ronnie stopped their dad abusing her. Alfie feels for Roxy and donates his own wedding food and decorations and even gets a double decker bus for the wedding transport.

Kat is horrified when she discovers what Alfie has done and declares the wedding off when Glenda insinuates that Alfie is getting it on with Roxy. The celebrant waits in the Vic. Stacey tells Kat that Alfie is the best thing that ever happened to her. Alfie feels awful about ruining his wedding. Kat tells him she wants it to go ahead.

Meanwhile, Max discovers Jack has gone missing. Max threatens Harry, but Harry claims ignorance. Ronnie knows nothing about Jack’s disappearance and heads to the wedding venue. Roxy asks Billy to carry her bag that contains the cash to pay for the venue. Max finds Jack bound and gagged in the boot of his car and gets him to the hotel just in time. Roxy hands the hotel manager the bag with the money, but instead it’s full of confetti. He tells her that no money means no wedding!

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