Will the weddings go ahead?

*Second episode*

When the original wedding venue cancels because the building has been declared as unsafe, Charity is forced to have her wedding in a gazebo on an uninspiring piece of land at Home Farm, and things don’t get any better when the rings go missing and the fire alarm goes off during the ceremony. The fur flies, however, when Charity realises Megan is behind the day’s dramas. Will she tie the knot?

Up at Butler’s Farm, Cain heads to the farmhouse, watched by James. Inside, he finds Moira’s bedroom door is locked. Has James deliberately trapped her inside to stop the wedding going ahead? Cain thinks Moira’s having cold feet so he shouts through the door and demands that they sort it out – but Moira says she’s only delayed because the door is stuck and can’t get out. Relieved it’s nothing more serious, Cain kicks the door open before heading back to the barn.

When Moira finally appears, the service begins, but when the registrar asks if anyone knows of any lawful impediment, Moira locks eyes with James. Will he ruin things by announcing he’s Adam’s dad?