Will Theresa betray Liberty?

Warren and Mitzeee put their plan to outsmart Jenny into action and start to move the money. Fully aware he’s being followed, Warren heads off with Jenny with Doug in tow. They follow Warren to a train station locker, where he stashed the cash, but on breaking into the locker they discover Warren’s played them.

Mitzeee is hiding the real cash in an underground lock up in the shack. But as Mitzeee and Warren celebrate their new criminal partnership, someone else is at the shack, and someone is about to lift Warren’s cash.

Theresa and Ethan are awkward as Liberty prepares to sing at the competition at The Dog. Nervously, Liberty takes to the stage and Theresa looks on in amazement at how good she is. Will heads to the bar, but is stunned when he notices a ‘moment’ between Ethan and Theresa. Aware that people might be watching they attempt to snap out of it and carry on watching Liberty.

Also, Ethan is called into work and leaves, but bumps into Theresa and before they know it they kiss. They both break away, guilty at what just happened. Later, Will walks Theresa home and confronts her about her feelings for Ethan, telling her he can’t just be her friend.

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