Will Theresa escape Kyle?

Theresa sits tied and bound to a chair pleading with Kyle to let her see to the baby. Relief washes over her when Warren calls, but Kyle grabs the phone, assuming it’s the warren he met and tells him everything’s fine. Warren immediately grabs Brendan demanding the truth.

Theresa’s changing the baby when she spots an unlikely weapon. She makes a run for it and hits Kyle over the head but a confrontation ends with Theresa tied to a chair again.

Meanwhile, Carmel panics to Ethan that Kyle has Theresa. Ethan and Carmel arrive as Kyle is dragging Theresa away. Theresa’s forced to quickly tell Ethan the truth, that she killed Calvin and a fight ensues between the two guys. To Theresa’s horror, Ethan falls backwards down the lift shaft. The girls look on terrified as Warren turns up and fires a gun into Kyles back.

Also; Ruby and Esther are desperate to get drunk and have fun. Esther tries to steal a bottle of wine from Rhys, but when she smashes it she is forced to cough up the cash to replace it.

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